Cide participates in meeting with other industrial poles

On April 2, the Brazilian Association of the Chemical Industry (Abiquim) hosted the first Meeting of Representatives of Industrial Poles, which houses companies in the chemical sector. Valmir Ramos Ruiz, the executive manager of the Center for Integration and Development (Cide), participated in the meeting with the other representatives of the other poles: the executive director of the Association of Enterprises of Campos Elíseos (Assecampe), Jorge Rezende; the Superintendent of Health, Safety and Environment of the Committee for the Development of the Camaçari Complex (Cofic), Aurinézio Calheira; the executive manager of the Committee of Industrial Development of Polo Grande ABC (Cofip ABC), Francisco Ruiz; and the executive director of the Industrial Development Committee of the Polo of Triunfo (Cofip RS), Sidnei dos Anjos.

The representatives presented the organizational structure and the actions developed by each committee. According to the executive manager of Cofip ABC, Francisco Ruiz, the objective of the group was to create an executive agenda, with topics common to the poles, that can be worked together, from the exchange of experiences and the creation of opportunities to use ideas already developed, so as to shorten the deployment, always safeguarding the local culture conditions. He adds that the Brazilian poles have similar characteristics as: communities and neighbors around the facilities; relationship with the public power; federal, state and municipal legislation; best practices in safety, health and the environment; synergy in business.

The Technical Advisor of Abiquim’s Responsible Management Committee, Yáskara Barrilli, participated in the meeting and presented the work developed by the committee and emphasized the importance of the work in the Multiplication Centers as a way of disseminating good practices among companies in each region and of actions with the environmental agencies and fire brigades for the valorization of the Responsible Action Program®.

For Valmir Ruiz, the meeting spells out the importance of the Industrial Poles to organize themselves as a condominium to obtain positive results through synergy. “Industrial Condominium are a world trend and the Brazilian industrial centers are prepared to work with this new management. Companies are always looking for continuous improvement in their processes and, with the arrival of Industry 4.0, technology becomes a common medium for this purpose. Through Cide, the industries work in an integrated way to create innovative solutions that help in the sustainable development of the Polo and the municipality”.

Further meetings are planned between representatives of the industrial poles for further discussions on these topics.


Source: Cofip RS