Ciesp Cubatão addresses Santos-Guarujá Dry Connection Project

A dry link between Santos and Guarujá was the theme of the last Ciesp Cubatão meeting on the 18th. The study was initiated by Ecovias at the monthly meeting of the Ciesp Board of Directors, Department and Advisory Council of Sesi and Senai Cubatão. The meeting was attended by the company’s superintendent director, Ronald Marangon, and engineering manager, Sidney Vilar.

The project foresees the construction of an access bridge between the shores of the Port of Santos, idealized with 46,6028 miles long, 85 m height and 325 m width, linking Via Anchieta 64 km with Domenico Rangoni 250 km, with the objective of facilitating the integration between the cities of Santos and Guarujá and the logistics movement of Porto and Cubatão Industrial Hub.

After completing its implementation, the project will be carried out by Ecovias and will be supported by the State Government. It is estimated an investment of R $ 2.9 billion and a contribution of about 4 thousand workers, with priority in the allocation of vacancies for local labor. “A work of greater development, job creation and ease of mobility for the Baixada Santista region”, reduces Sidney.

For Ciesp Cubatão’s CEO, Raul Elias Pinto, a presentation presents important news about a new structure and clarifies the main doubts of the participants. “We should be optimistic about the paper bridge or as quickly as possible, as well as other projects that contribute to improving logistics at the Cubatão and Baixada Santista Industrial Pole, such as a tunnel and other accesses.”