Consultative Community Council completes 20 years of history in Cubatão

The members were promoted to the CCC with the planning for the new works

The Consultative Community Council of the Industrial Complex of Cubatão completes its 20 years of operation in 2019. Formed by representatives of industry, government, civil society and community leaders, the forum is an open dialogue channel conducted by the Center for Development Integration (CIDE) and brings together members monthly to discuss issues related to the Polo and surrounding communities. Each member also has the role of spokesperson to disseminate relevant information to the other residents of the neighborhoods they represent.

The Council works on projects and discussions across three fronts of action Education, Training and Employability; Health, safety and environment; and Projects.

In recent years, the council underwent a restructuring and had its way of improving operations with the creation of its internal regiment, based on the premises of Responsible Performance of the Brazilian Association of Chemical Industries – Abiquim. The new regiment was executed in March 2017, with the right to recognition of Abiquim for adopting the guidelines of the Responsible Action Program, in the requirement of open and transparent communication with stakeholders of Social Dialogue. With this formalization, the CCC of the Industrial Pole also began to participate in the National Meeting of the CCCs of Abiquim, held every year by the Commission of Dialogue with the Community.

For Irenilda Brito, a member of the council for 18 years and a representative of the Group of Leisure and Citizenship of the third age, the dialogue between the community and the industries is of extreme importance for the strengthening of the group in the city. She recalls the previous years and highlights her learning through projects and technical visits to the Polo, telling about her expectations for the future. “I hope we continue with the same commitment since the beginning of the CCC. We have to continue growing as a group to strengthen our bond, wear the same shirt and work on continuous improvement for the community.”


New projects

Members are common in our monthly activities at Cide/Ciesp Cubatão

Currently, coordinated by Caroline Carneiro and Renan Vieira, representatives of the company Yara Fertilizantes, and with the participation of the Executive Director of Cide, Raul Elias Pinto, as patron, the council integrates to its group new members belonging to the majority of the communities of the municipality.

For this year and 2020, the CCC will play a key role in carrying out studies on the Apell projects – Alert and Preparing Communities for Emergencies at the Local Level and for the revitalization of Agenda 21 from 2020 to 2035, as well as conducting other projects for the community.

Representing the Municipal Council for Children and Adolescents (CMDCA), Antônio Jorge emphasizes the pride of being a member of the CCC and of integration with the community. “I see my participation as a great responsibility that goes beyond being present at the meetings, but also working together with the Industrial Condominium in favor of the population for social growth. In my years of acting in the council, I have acquired experiences and knowledge to effectively participate in community issues. For the future, I believe the history of the CCC will inspire new community leaders for our city.”

“We have a group that represents the voice of the community. Throughout the history of our Community Advisory Council, the Industrial Pole has been able to get closer to the community, promote open dialogue and develop projects that have brought and bring significant results for the sustainable development of communities. Looking back, all the way down here, we see the main motivation we have to work for a better Cubatão: our union. May our integration remain as our greatest strength for new achievements in the coming years,” comments Raul Elias Pinto.