Cubatão discusses technology park

Town hall committee created after suggestions from trade unionists debate proposals to support industry and new jobs


Trade unionists defend the creation of mechanisms that make permanent the guarantee of labor supply for the Industrial Pole of Cubatão. They should be part of the project to create a technology and job creation park in the city recently discussed by the Permanent Committee on Industry, Commerce, Employment, Labor and Income of the town hall.

The committee was presided over by Deputy Antonio Vieira da Silva, Toninho Vieira (PSDB), and the committee came from proposals from the vice president of the Union of Construction Workers, Luiz Carlos de Andrade, and the president of the Chemical Industry Workers’ Union, Hebert Passos Filho.

The park would stimulate socioeconomic development, with more conditions to generate employment and income, attract new companies to the City and encourage entrepreneurship and local productive arrangements, with research and development.

Passos believes that the resumption of economic growth and employment in the region is due to the strengthening of large companies. For Andrade, the Development Council of Baixada Santista (Condesb) should give better support to the generation of jobs in the region.

Andrade suggests the creation of an Economic Development Center or a Technological Park in the same way as in Londrina (PR), Campinas (SP) and São José dos Campos (SP). Among the initiatives recommended by the trade unions are the preparation of labor and the promotion of businesses related to technology and digital innovation. “It is also necessary that the Municipality qualifies to receive resources from the State and the Union to qualify workers,  it hasn’t been happening”, says Luiz Carlos de Andrade.

Support to the Pole

The executive manager of the Center for Integration and Development (Cide) and regional manager of the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Ciesp) in Cubatão, Valmir Ruiz, assures that Cubatão’s industries are integrated with community movements in search of the attraction of investments to expand industrial activities and job creation. “This is what establishes Agenda 21, an instrument of the community that had the industry in its formulation base”, he points out.

In addition to joining the proposed creation of the park, Cide already brings together large associated companies in the base segment in an Industrial Condominium in Cubatão, responsible for high quality raw materials.

“Cide is a strategic center that integrates industries, Public Power, community and other bodies in support of the sustainable development of Industrial Pole of Cubatão and the city as a whole, including support to the PAT – Job Assistance Station in the generation of jobs” explains.

Still, according to Ruiz, Cide already develops, in support of the City Hall, the attraction of entrepreneurs interested in deploying transformation industries in areas still free.

This contribution is confirmed by the municipal secretary for Employment and Sustainable Development, Marcos do Espírito Santo. In the year, the balance of workers employed by PAT in the industrial maintenance stops has been higher than that of layoffs. In these activities, the companies give priority to workers residing in Cubatão and other municipalities of the Baixada Santista.

The deputy Toninho Vieira said that the group of workers will have new meetings to broaden the discussion of the topic.


Source: A Tribuna Newspaper