Cubatão Industrial Polo Condominium present in people’s lives

Execution of social responsibility policies and good relationship with the community are among the priorities of Cubatão’s industrial pole. The values ​​invested in social projects are significant and contribute significantly to the development of society.

The annual report released at the end of last year, referring to 2017, shows that this year one million seven hundred and forty thousand dollars were invested in social and cultural projects, including the Rouanet Law. For projects, through the Federal Law of incentive to the sport were more than 564 thousand. The municipal councils of the child and adolescent of the nine cities divided another 57 thousand dollars. The industries also counted more than 80 thousand divided in several other small projects of the community.

For this year, the City Hall has developed an annual calendar of events and priority projects for the city, in which the Cubatão Industrial Pole Condominium will evaluate, within its social responsibility guidelines, the possibility of supporting these projects in favor of the municipality as a whole.



Investment in professional and human growth

Every year the Sesi and Senai system prepares young people, attuned to technological trends and prepared for the demands of the labor market.


In 2017, 5093 students attended Senai, which offers professional training courses in various areas, as well as tailor-made courses for companies, lectures and programs. Also it develops social campaigns: like the Campaign of the Clothes that collected 6 thousand pieces and the one of Christmas with 1351 toys; both with donations to the Social Fund.



The Décio Activities Center of Paula Leite Novaes implemented a new educational proposal with innovative teaching-learning methodology. The new investments in infrastructure and leisure space, reveal that the well-being of students and the quality of life of the whole family is a priority.


Source: Acontece newspaper