Cubatão Projects for 2019

Cubatão – The Opportunity Factory program, a partnership between Cide and Cubatão City Hall, will be announced by Investe São Paulo

Aimed at demonstrating that Cubatão is an Opportunities Factory for new investors, Mayor Ademário Oliveira and Deputy Mayor Pedro de Sá Filho announce the reserve of 2.64 million square meters of industrial poles ready to house products manufactured by the companies already installed in the City.

The objective is to prepare the Municipality for the resumption of industrial activities, with new developments, starting in 2019. The larger areas are ready to receive from port activities facing the Piaçaguera Canal (next to Usiminas), which is close to 1 million m2; industrial support companies intending to implement a Data Center and also a start-ups center (companies that are at the beginning of the market’s innovative activities) in the old residential Villa of the Henry Borden Plant (with 307,011.00 m2) in partnership with the State Government. The mayor said that he is personally committed to the State Public Prosecutor’s Office in search of an agreement that will finally allow the implementation of the Brastera Project for the Installation of Ceasa Regional in the lands with 929,627.71 m2 to the south of the municipality (facing the Highway of Immigrants , next to the Caraguatá Garden). The project has been stopped for 20 years.

“And their resumption will generate fomenting enterprises will destine areas for the environmental preservation of the mangrove region of the Laranjeira and Branco rivers, and as compensation they will donate landed lands for the construction by the CDHU of a thousand housing units that will be used for This contribution is essential to convince the MP to help our city”, says Ademário.

Investe São Paulo

According to Deputy Mayor Pedro de Sá, who is also Secretary of Planning, in addition to the City Hall to join the project of the Industrial Pole Condominium, managed by Cide, the secretariat will publicize the Cubatão Program – The Opportunities Factory at Investe São Paulo . The action is led by the State Government to show attractive municipalities of investments, seeking national and international partnerships.

The City still has areas with smaller size, but offering potential of proximity with the industries of base, like the old Post Paulínia (45 thousand m2), between Avenue Plínio de Queiroz and Rio Mogi; and the area of ​​the former factory of Companhia Santista de Papel, with 86,209.71. All the glebas features the proximity to the Imigrantes, Anchieta and Domneico Rangoni canyons. And with railroad extensions installed in the geographic region of Cubatão and the Mogi River Valley, the fertilizer, petrochemical and chemical plants and condominiums of Cesari.

Municipal government works to resume Ceasa Regional project in front of Immigrants area

Área of ​​the plant can develop Industry 4.0 in the City

According to Deputy Mayor Pedro de Sá Filho, one of the projects developed in partnership with Cide Industrial Condominium already involves negotiations with the municipality of Usiminas to install a port at Furadinho Dam, one of the areas with 465,264.71 m2 belonging to Usiminas and situated in front of the Canal de Piaçaguera. In addition to the other nearby areas, the areas offer close to 1.5 million m2. The port is planned from the perfection of a proposal of the Investe São Paulo Program in 2012, but never left the paper.

“In this contact that brings investors closer to Usiminas, the City will not do anything, it only acts as an inducement to progress, as is the attraction of other investors and in negotiations, for example, with the Secretary of Energy of the State Government, in the use of the old residential areas of the Henry Borden Plant”, explains Sá Filho. The City Hall wants to make life easier for those who are interested in investing in the city, so that this investment happens in Cubatão and not elsewhere, “he adds. He is also interested in bringing investors interested in installing a Data Center in the preserved areas of old houses of the Henry Borden Mill, mostly unoccupied.

Data Center is a designed environment where an organization’s data storage and processing equipment is located. It can host thousands of servers, databases and other components. “With this flagship pulling other companies maybe we will not start a start up incubator? We have companies in the City – like Braskem and Petrobras – involved in this innovation process.” The purpose is to make way for Industry 4.0 in the City. Dates Centers need a larger volume and guaranteed uninterrupted power supply. “I have been in contact with Energy Secretary José Carlos Meireles and he has assured that the plant supplies this supply and, if necessary, the State builds a gas-fired thermoelectric plant to guarantee the quality of electricity transmission.” The deputy mayor ensures that this project maintains the Municipal School of the Henry Borden Plant. “Our dream is to transform Cubatão into a kind of Silicon Valley in the USA.”

Source: A Tribuna newspapper