Cubatão the Polo that supplies Brazil

Many products are 100% made here

Another 23 important products used in Brazil have a good part of the production also made in the Polo Industrial of Cubatão, national reference

The Industrial Hub of Cubatão brings together companies from five major sectors: petrochemical, steel, chemicals, fertilizers and logistics, as well as energy production and services. Many of the products that supply the Brazilian market are 100% produced in Cubatão. This is the case of aviation gasoline, used at Brazilian airports and leaving the region exclusively.

Other products that depend on the pole to supply the country are 53% nitric acid and concentrated nitric acid, used in laboratories and industrial applications, has as main application the production of fertilizers, indispensable for national agricultural production.

Other 100% made in Cubatão are calcined petroleum coke, ammonium nitrate – fertilizer grade and technical grade, aromatic residue, anhydrous soda and benzene. The latter, used in the production of various chemicals such as lubricants, dyes, detergents and drugs.

At least 23 other important products used in Brazil, although not completely manufactured in the Polo Industrial of Cubatão, have a good part of their production here. This is the case of the hydrochloric acid solution, which has 58.9% national participation, sodium hypochlorite, with 53.2% and marine diesel oil, with 48.5%

Even in the face of a robust outlook, the Polo still has room for many manufacturing industries. The São Paulo State Industry Center (Ciesp) and the Center of Integration and Development of Baixada Santista (Cide) work together to attract these new businesses.

Cide and Ciesp launched the strategy of attraction through the Opportunity Factory. The program was announced in March during a seminar at the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim) in São Paulo. The Cubatao Industrial Industrial Estate has disclosed, in addition to the advantages of the Municipality, the more than 2.5 million square meters of areas available for investment.



In 2017, City companies collected $ 371 million in taxes. The number of jobs was 13 362 and the total production reached almost 20 thousand tons.


Source: A Tribuna Newspaper