For Industry Day, the message is: integration

Faced with the challenges of the economy and in the midst of the actions that Brazil has been proposing to resume growth, synergy is the fundamental fuel for the search for shared solutions.

Cubatão enjoys ideal attributes to attract new investments, especially those related to the manufacturing industry. The partnership between Industrial Condominium and public power to publicize the potential of Polo has made the municipality recognized by several publics in the Country and the world, either by the production of high quality raw material, skilled workforce and industry-oriented logistics infrastructure complete, among many other reasons. All this effort aims to contribute to increasing employability and fostering local commerce.

The permanent dialogue with the community gives voice to the population and reaffirms the industry’s commitment to sustainable development and, consequently, to the entire region.

On this date, the important thing is to be united, because together we will always be stronger.


Executive Board