Industrial Condominium

The largest industrial pole in Latin America is in Cubatão and counts on Cide for its socioeconomic development.

The Center for Integration and Development (Cide), a non-profit organization created more than 20 years ago, gather large companies in the base segment in an Industrial Condominium, responsible for the production of high quality raw materials, whose representativeness is in Brazil. To get an idea, products such as aviation gasoline, benzene, calcined petroleum coke, petroleum coke wires, 53% nitric acid and concentrate, ammonium nitrate – fertilizer grade or technical grade, anhydrous soda and aromatic residue are produced exclusively in Cubatão and supplied to the whole country.

The Polo of Cubatão has the privilege of being located in a strategic location, which means that its companies and the others that will come have all the natural and technological resources necessary to develop in the municipality. Plentiful water and energy, a large logistics infrastructure with railroad, highway and waterway, a strategic link between the country’s largest consumer market (São Paulo) and the largest port in Latin America (Porto de Santos), a large representation of national GDP, skilled labor and other factors, make Cubatão a symbol business and sustainable growth.

Cide, with the support of the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Ciesp) – Cubatão Regional, promotes an industrial condominium that believes in a legacy built through synergy. Companies, communities, public authorities and other agencies innovate and work together to leverage the industry in the midst of the challenges of the economy, trekking a journey to attract new investments for Polo Industrial de Cubatão through the installation of manufacturing industries.

Cubatão is an opportunity factory! We invite you to know us and be part of our history.