“Industrial Pole of Cubatão has everything to keep growing”

Anibal do Vale, president of Unipar Carbocloro, foresees investments in the city

Installed since the 1960’s in Cubatão, Unipar Carbocloro has expanded activities to Argentina

“Industrial Pole of Cubatão has everything to continue growing, despite the political-economic crisis that the country is going through. It is organizing itself to receive new investments, industries that transform the products it manufactures in companies established since the 1960s “. The evaluation is by Anibal do Vale, president of Unipar Carbocloro, one of the largest chlorine-soda producing companies in Latin America, with subsidiaries in Santos André and Baía Blanca, Argentina.

Chlorine is one of the key products for attracting new companies to Cubatão and also a transforming chemical element in Brazil, where more than half of the population does not have basic sanitation.

“I believe that, in the short term, it is more difficult to implement a project to resume economic development and attract new companies to Cubatão because of the political-economic uncertainty that the country is experiencing due to the electoral period. , we would already have more industries in Cubatão.The city has everything to grow, free areas, raw materials, water and electric power in abundance, highways and railways and a diverse set of base industries.

Anibal do Vale, optimistically welcomes Cide-Ciesp’s initiative to organize the industrial polo condominium, which is developing the Cubatão Fábrica de Oportunidades Program in a synergistic action of common interests with industries and the City Hall.

“This partnership indicates that there is no accommodation in this period of turbulence in Cubatão, but a preparation for the resumption of the economy and a demonstration that Cubatão has many areas available to serve investors, so I see this initiative with the same optimism that has in the recovery of the Country, “he says.

Source: A Tribuna newspapper