New Cide Executive Board

The Executive Board is now represented by a single Executive Director, Ricardo Salgado e Silva. Previously, one area consisted of three representatives of its board of directors. An entity also included in its organizational structure an Advisory Committee, consisting of three directors.

Ricardo is an engineer, specializing in Logistics and Competitive Management. Has experience in Steel Processing, Logistics, Safety and Occupational Medicine, Environment, Production Management and Institutional and Government Relations. He went through companies such as Banco Nacional, Codesp, Cosipa, CPEA and Santos City Hall.



In yet another new phase, the management of the Industrial Condominium, in synergy with the São Paulo State Industry Center (Ciesp) – Cubatão Regional, will continue its main objective: to work for the sustainable development of the Cubatão Industrial Pole, by actions and socio-economic attractions aimed at the main base segments of the country: Chemical, Petrochemical, Steel and Fertilizers.

The condominium will continue to work with integrated industries, voluntarily contributing to innovative actions and projects through the Technical Committees and Working Groups. Formed by professional representatives of the companies, the centers work on topics related to safety, environment, logistics, health, social responsibility, human resources, legal issues, among others. The initiatives have the support of society, the public power and other institutions so that the results directly help in the growth of Cubatão and the whole region.


Running Projects

Cubatão – The Opportunity Factory: one of the condominium’s inaugural initiatives and is already running. With the City Hall’s support in identifying available areas and offering exclusive tax incentives for new developments – a project sanctioned by the City Council in late 2019 – visits are being made to the world’s leading chambers of commerce and associations in Brazil to publicize The main reasons offered by the municipality for the installation of new industries, especially manufacturing, which use the basic inputs of companies already installed in the Industrial Pole in the manufacture of their products.

Situated in a strategic location, close to the Port of Santos (SP) and the capital of Sao Paulo, state of Brazil’s largest consumer market, Cubatão has great resources such as water, energy, complete highway and rail logistics system and labor. characteristics needed for industries to develop in the region. With this, we seek to generate more jobs, income to local workers and turnover in commerce.

Delegated Operation: The initiative is an agreement between the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of São Paulo with the City of Cubatão and aims to improve the public safety of the municipality through the inspection of public roads and combating illegal trade, conducted by police officers in extra work routine. The service, in force so far, was started in March 2019 and supported by the industrial condominium, with the supply of nine vehicles leased through a technical cooperation agreement with the City Hall.

APELL: Implementation Study of APELL – Local Emergency Community Alerting and Preparedness, a program created by the United Nations Department of Industry and Environment (UNEP) to act promptly to prevent and contain potential industrial incidents such as fires, leaks , among others, in the city and region, besides practicing community awareness activities such as emergency drills.

Several sensitizations about the project have already been carried out with companies, communities, institutions and the public authorities of the region.

“The Industry, through Cide and Ciesp Cubatão and in synergy with the government, society and other institutions, continues its search for stabilization in the market to reinforce its role as one of the driving segments of the Brazilian economy. In the new era of Industry 4.0, Condomínio Industrial’s efforts to invest in innovative and sustainable projects, promote professional qualification and build constructive partnerships will culminate in the efficiency and optimization of results for the future of the sector in the country and in the world ”, emphasizes Ricardo.


Learn more about Cide

Cide is a non-profit association created more than 20 years ago, which brings together companies in the base segment in an Industrial Condominium, responsible for the manufacture of high quality products, whose representation is significant in Brazil.

These are companies that are part of Cide: Birla Carbon, Braskem, Cemulti, CMOC Brazil, DOW Brazil, Engebasa, Messer Gases, Petrobras, Petrocoque, Rhodia Solvay, Carrier Mecca, Unigel, Unipar, Usiminas, White Martins and Yara Brazil.