New president of Condesb visits Ciesp Cubatão

On October 17, the Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Ciesp) – Cubatão Regional received the visit of the new president of the Development Council of the Metropolitan Region of the Baixada Santista (Condesb), Luiz Maurício Passos de Carvalho Pereira. The president, who is also the current mayor of Peruíbe, was elected in March to hold office in a one-year, replacing the former president and mayor of São Vicente, Pedro Gouvêa.

The meeting was attended by the Board of Ciesp Cubatão, represented by the director Raul Elias Pinto and 2nd Deputy Director José Roberto Heleno de Marquis, and the connoisseurs of the institution, in addition to the participation of the municipal secretary of Finance of Guarujá, Adalberto Ferreira da Silva, representing the city’s mayor, Valter Suman.

As in previous administrations, Ciesp Cubatão presented to the new Condesb president demands and contributions developed by work groups, formed by members of Industry, with the main objective of assisting municipal management in the promotion of sustainable development of the Metropolitan Region of the Baixada Santista as a whole. The topics covered in the document integrate actions and directives in the main segments of industry performance and of great importance for the cities of the region such as: steel, chemical, fertilizers, oil / byproducts, services, infrastructure, tourism, cultural and social. The material was also delivered previously former presidents Pedro Gouvêa and Alberto Mourão.

Luiz Maurício bets on the partnership with Ciesp Cubatão to join forces in the region. “After facing a difficult scenario in 2018, we continue with the certainty that integration is the best means for our success. The demands and contributions are of great value to the whole region and meet the planning groups we are structuring to deal with these segments. And in all actions we will always seek to be closer to civil society in order to be stronger”.

“The Guarujá City Hall recognizes Ciesp Cubatão as a promoter of opportunities. We know that we can count on the institution as the main strategic consultant for the urban development of the region”, says Adalberto Ferreira.

For Raul Elias Pinto, the region strengthens when viewed in an integrated way. “Each city has its characteristic and this should be emphasized by the public interlocutors. We have drawn up these demands and contributions for the previous administrations and will continue the search for promising results for all cities, making Baixada Santista a great attractive region for investment and business”.

Managed by the Metropolitan Agency of Baixada Santista (Agem), Condesb is composed of political representatives of the municipalities of the nine cities of the Baixada Santista and nine representatives of the State Government, acting in favor of common interests of the region and aiming at a better development for the same.