Occupational health discusses cost management

Meeting of Physicians of the Industries of Cubatão gathered experts from the areas; implementation of eSocial posed new challenges for companies

Commed and Cide organized 33rd Emic: themes also included HR and legal and social assistance sector

Health professionals and related areas met last Friday to discuss area cost management in companies and eSocial, the government portal that unifies the sending of worker data by companies.

The discussion was made through the 33th Meeting of Cubatão Industries Physicians (Emic), organized by the Technical Committee of Occupational Medicine (Commed) of the Center for Integration and Development (Cide).

The meeting addressed the themes of Cost Management in Health in Companies and Occupational Health and Safety Management for eSocial. The subjects were also presented to the areas of human resources, legal, labor security and social assistance.

GE Brazil’s Latin America Health Management leader Marcia Agosti opened the event by discussing the cost reduction in medical agreements, with new pay and care models.

“Effective management and risk prevention are fundamental for decision-making in industries and directly reflect on actions aimed at sustainability”, she says.

The specialist physician of Sesi National Department – Health and Safety Unit, Cláudio Patrus, presented the procedures of the eSocial platform and care with health and safety at work.

“Today, companies are adapting to eSocial at different levels. Therefore, the integration that Emic brings is important so that professionals share their experiences with the platform and seek development in the industry”, he says.

“I see great potential in the synergy between the participating areas of Cide Industrial Condominium, in what concerns, mainly, the solutions to labor, social security and tax lawsuits”, he says.

The manager of Cide and Ciesp Cubatão, Valmir Ramos Ruiz, highlighted the commitment to the development of the industry. “For 33 years Emic has taken on the role as one of the most traditional events of the Cubatão Industrial Pole and has been reinventing itself to engage health professionals and other areas with issues of great relevance to the market”.

“This synergy is in line with the actions currently practiced by the Cide Industrial Condominium, which is limited to uniting the companies for joint solutions in favor of better results for the Polo de Cubatão”, says Ruiz.

The coordinator of the Commed, Marcelo Hernandez, praised the presentations and themes presented.

“Emic always seeks to bring relevant and current issues to Occupational Health professionals and related areas. This year was no different and the event reached its goal”, he concluded.


Ruiz (Cide-Ciesp), Patrus (Sesi), Marcia Agosti (GE) and Hernandez (Commed)


Source: A Tribuna Newspaper