Operation Winter does not point to critical episodes in 2018

Cetesb closes winter operation at Polo without recording critical episodes of particulate matter in the air

The operation contributes to the cleaning of the particulate material on the roads and avenues of access to the pole

Cubatão surpassed the winter period of 2018 without registering any critical episode of pollution by particulate matter, although this is – usually due to climatic problems such as lack of rainfall, strong winds and thermal invasions – the season with the worst scenario for activities and the search for the balance of environmental preservation.

“There were rains in June-July, avoiding the dispersion of particulate matter (dust) in the region of the old Vila Parisi, maintaining stable air quality,” said the regional manager of Cetesb in the City, Marcos Cipriano.

According to him, the joint action of the industries, through the Industrial Condominium of Cubatão, managed by the Center for Integration and Business Development (Cide) that conducted Operation Winter, contributed to these results. It was the twenty-third consecutive year of action with support from the pole. Winter Operation ended its 2018 activities last Tuesday at a meeting at the Center for Integration and Development (Cide). The operation, promoted by the Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo (Cetesp), in partnership with Cide, São Paulo Industries Center (Ciesp) – Cubatão Regional, City Hall and other agencies, promotes the products, without their majority, land and trash in the roads, avenues and in the parking lots of the Industrial Polo of Cubatão, throughout the winter period. Between the months of May and September, the preventive operation carried out monthly cleaning and daily wetting of the external and internal roads of the Polo companies, counting on the integrated communication between the industries for agile service in these actions. In all, it was about 105 kilometers driven daily by trucks and, on average, 120,000 liters of reused water per day.

For the Cetesb regional manager in Cubatão, Marcos Cipriano, the results obtained are a reflection of collaboration between companies. “The quality of the air has been improving more and more over the years, especially with our constant search and integrated by alternatives of performance.”

Representative of the Municipal Department of Environment, Sandra Godói recognizes the importance of the industry in carrying out the operation. “The operation is a task force and parameter so that the City Hall has a guarantee that Cubatão meets the satisfactory indexes of air quality. Engaging all participants in this project, direct and indirect, especially the regulatory yards, will be fundamental to maintain the good indexes of control “.

Valdir José Coabianco, director of Cide / Ciesp Cubatão, highlights Operation Winter as an important legacy built by all those involved. “We commit ourselves every year to the investment and the implementation of Operation Winter and, given the required parameters, we contribute directly and indirectly to the integrity of the citizens, continuity of the economic activity of the industries, and, consequently, to a good image of the city of The synergy between all the actors, regulating yards, industries and all the involved organs is determinant for the continuous improvement and perpetuation of the action in the municipality “, concludes.


Source: A Tribuna newspaper