Polo guarantees environmental control actions

Cubatão is an example of recovery of the Environment, as a result of the investments of the industries in the modernization of equipment

Recognized by the United Nations, Cubatão is the proof that the union of efforts can give good results; red guaras are symbol of the recovered city

Cubatão is an example of environmental recovery, a result of the partnership between public power and private initiative, with investments by the Polo industries in the modernization of equipment to control sources of pollution and in environmental programs.

There are several environmental control actions carried out through the execution of programs and monitoring of emissions, management of waste reuse, rational use of energy and water resources, maintenance of control systems and implementation of environmental improvements.

Among the works aimed at ensuring the quality of life of the population stands out the annual Winter Operation, carried out by the Center for Integration and Business Development of the Baixada Santista (Cide), in partnership as environmental agency, Ecovias, Military Police and City Hall.

The preventive action takes periodic campaigns of sweeping and cleaning of the external roads and highway of access to the Industrial Park and wetting to avoid the dust collection routine in the period from May to September, contributing to a better condition of air quality in the dry period.

Cide counts on the Technical Commission for the Protection and Defense of the Environment (Prodema) for the construction of joint actions focused on protection and defense of the environment, seeking to strengthen the adoption of sustainable environmental practices in the region, in line with Agenda 21 of the County. Participates in groups such as the Baixada Santista Basin Committee (CBH / BS), Cubatão Municipal Environment Council (Comdema), Contingency Plan for Serra do Mar.

Air quality management, in compliance with the Stationary Sources Emission Reduction Plan (Prefe), continues with the performance of the consolidated control plans of the Industrial Pole, supported by programs of operation and maintenance of the reductions obtained in compliance with the targets intermediaries.

According to Cetesb, in 2017, in the urban and residential area of ​​Cubatão, there was no violation of the air quality standard for any pollutant.

The sum of the environmental control actions of the Industrial Pole, combined with the most favorable weather conditions in recent years, contributed significantly to the reduction of average concentrations of pollutants in the industrial area.


Agenda 21 originated in 2005

Agenda 21 of Cubatão originated in 2005 in an initiative of Polo Industrial companies, represented by the Center of Integration and Development (Cide), Center of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Ciesp Cubatão), and Regional Action Department of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Depar-Fiesp). In order to contribute to the sustainable development of the Municipality, the industries met with the City Hall of Cubatão and the City Council to establish a partnership and to initiate the awareness and mobilization of the whole city in the creation of Agenda 21.

The process was participatory and democratic, involving leaders and communities, without discrimination of any kind. It was not characterized as a company, an administration, a political group or a social group. It was a project of the whole city.

At times like the current one, recovering from a crisis in the Municipality, State and Country, projects like Agenda 21 are valued, used as reference and source of consultation in the search for joint solutions to the challenges facing the city, such as the fall of the collection, the employability and the deindustrialization. For Cide, the country lives a moment in which it is the responsibility of society to charge for initiatives such as this to have continuity and, thus, to encourage the commitment to development in the City and Polo Industrial of Cubatão.


Source: A Tribuna Newspaper