Polo seeks investment partnerships

Cubatão companies defend integration with public sector and social organizations to reduce barriers and divulge advantages

Cubatão Industries: polo consumes raw materials that will become inputs for the entire national economy

The entities that represent the Cubatão Industrial Complex consider the partnership with the public sector, especially the municipal entity, the best way to attract investments and maintain the technological renovation of the businesses installed in the City.

“Cide and Ciesp Cubatão believe in a legacy built through integration, where we see that the union between companies, society, public power and other bodies has made the Industrial Pole capable of maintaining its performance with excellence”, says the director of Center for Integration and Business Development of Baixada Santista (Cide), Valdir José Caobianco.

Caobianco also represents the Department of Regional Action (Depar) of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (Fiesp) and the regional of Cubatão do Ciesp, forming the business entities active in the polo.

Cide and Ciesp launched the strategy of attracting business to the pole through the Opportunity Factory. The program was announced in March during a seminar at the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquim) in São Paulo.

The Cubatao Industrial Industrial Estate has disclosed, in addition to the advantages of the Municipality, the more than 2.5 million square meters of areas available for investment.



Among several advantages, the pole operates high quality raw materials in the petrochemical, chemical, logistic, steel and fertilizer segments supplied by large industries. In addition, there is an abundant network of water and energy through hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants. Another highlight is logistics, with transportation network that connects directly to the Port of Santos and the Capital.

 In recent months, the Factory of Opportunities program has been brought to the chambers of commerce of China, Spain, Japan and France installed in Brazil. In the meetings, the representatives of the pole disclosed the local advantages to attract investments of multinationals of those countries.

Due to the recession of the 2015-2016 period and the country’s modest growth since last year, industries have operated and produced below their full capacity, recalls Ciesp and Cide.

“The efforts of Cide and Ciesp de Cubatão to promote synergy between industries, public power and other bodies have been of great importance in creating opportunities for the attraction of transformation industries and, consequently, generation of jobs”, says Caobianco.



According to him, the pole is a national and international reference and concentrates the base industry – produces inputs such as fertilizer, chemical, petrochemical and steel that will be used throughout the economy.

Caobianco also cites the strategic location of the polo, with access to natural and technological resources, including water.



 “The partnership with municipal management results in the strengthening and endorsement of the local economy, where tax incentives are established for the new industries that intend to compose the industrial representation of Cubatão. The initiative is part of one of the actions planned in the strategic planning of Agenda 21”, Valdir José Caobianco – director of Cide-Ciesp and Depar / Fiesp.



Located in a strategic location, Valdir Caobianco points out that Cubatão’s Polo makes companies, especially those that transform raw materials into products, have all the natural and technological resources needed to grow in the Municipality. Plentiful water and energy, he says, ample logistical infrastructure with railroad, highway and waterway, strategic link between the country’s largest consumer market and the largest port in Latin America, large representation in national GDP and skilled labor make Cubatão a symbol of business and sustainable growth. “Together (polo and society) innovate and work to leverage the industry amid the challenges of the economy, being part of a new favorable moment in our country”.


Source: A Tribuna Newspaper