Taking care of our planet to reap our future

Today is World Environment Day, a moment of awareness for actions aimed at preserving the planet.

Cubatão is recognized by the UN as a symbol of environmental recovery. To support the title, large investments in control and environmental programs were carried out by the Industrial Pole of the city, through the Cide Industrial Condominium, consolidating the partnership between public power, private initiative and community.

Several actions are maintained through the execution of emission control and monitoring programs; management and reuse of waste; rational use of energy and water resources; maintenance of control systems and implementation of environmental improvements.

Over time, actions are enhanced with the objective of ensuring the commitment of environmental performance and quality of life of the population.

Cide counts on the Technical Commission for Protection and Defense of the Environment (Prodema) to build joint actions aimed at protecting and protecting the environment. The group actively participates in events such as the Baixada Santista Basin Committee (CBH / BS), Cubatão Municipal Environment Council (Comdema), Contingency Plan for Serra do Mar, among others.


Chronology of Environmental Recovery and Investment in Cubatão

  • 2017 – Shared Environmental Management, resulting in integrated sustainability
  • 2015 – New Environmental Control Actions focused on the new air quality standards of the State of São Paulo
  • 2014 – 20 years without occurrences of critical episodes of air pollution. Actions of environmental improvements
  • 2013 – 30 years since the beginning of the Environmental Control Program
  • 2010 – 100% control of primary sources of pollution
  • 2008 – monitoring of river quality
  • 2004 – Continuous monitoring of atmospheric emissions. Initiation of renewable licensing by operations
  • 1992 – Cubatão is recognized by the UN as “City Symbol of Environmental Recovery”
  • 1990 – Beginning of actions for sanitation
  • 1989 – Control of fugitive dust
  • 1985 and 1984 – Start Operation Summer and Start Operation Winter
  • 1983 – Beginning of the Environmental Pollution Control Program
  • 1976 –  Pollution Control Law in the State of São Paulo
  • 1975 – 18 industries are already installed in Cubatão
  • 1922 – First industry in Cubatão


Operation Winter

The Operation Daily Traversed as Principal Roads of the Industrial Pole of Cubatão

The operation, which occurs 24 years ago in Cubatão between May and September – a period in which the weather conditions are unfavorable and the climate predominant is drier – is already underway in 2019 and consists of the daily wetting of roads and also within companies.

The entire process is done with reuse water and aims to maintain the quality of the air, preserving the health of the workers and the residents of the region.

In the last years, it was verified that Cubatão went through the winter period without any critical episode of air quality. It is estimated that in 2019, an average of 21 million liters of reuse water was used and traveled about 18,900 km.

For the executive manager of Cide, Valmir Ramos Ruiz, the actions of environmental preservation are commitments signed between industry and municipality. “We commit ourselves daily to initiatives and projects aimed at environmental preservation, it is gratifying to be able to see projects such as Operation Winter, contributing to the Polo meeting the required parameters and remaining with its activities. This synergy is decisive for the sustainable development of the city”.