With the Cubatão Polo, Brazil grows

It’s growing up

Now with the expectation of resumption of the country’s growth and the trend of the increase in consumption, Polo is on the agenda of national and international investors. The numbers that indicate the resumption of industrial production are boosted in Cubatão by the initiatives of Cide/Ciesp increasing the expectation for the arrival of new investments.


Transformation industry 

Among these actions are the approaches to the main commercial chambers of the world, installed in Brazil: the last visited was China, as well as others such as France, Spain and Japan. Through the presentation “11 reasons to settle in Cubatão”, the largest business groups in the world are being convinced of the benefits of setting up processing plants at the local Pole, where the large base industries are already generating the raw material needed for the transformation.

Cubatão “The Opportunity Factory”, also offers all the infrastructure and natural and technological resources, for the installation of these new ventures.


Skilled labor force

Polo also has a skilled workforce available and the city offers continuous training. In the last month, for example, 165 workers graduated from the safety and occupational medicine course offered free of charge in a partnership between Cide/Ciesp Cubatão and the Secretariat of Employment and Sustainable Development.

Among other formations available, it is worth highlighting the Senai figures, presented in the last annual report of the Cubatão Industrial Pole: 338 enrollments in industrial learning courses; 1.979 for initial and continuing school training; 2.451 for initial and continuing training company and 325 technicians. All the service providers of the Polo industries use the register of PAT professionals in Cubatão for selective processes.


Many products that supply the Brazilian market, such as aviation gasoline, have 100% of the production here and another ten of them have an essential participation in the national supply.

  • 53% nitric acid;
  • Concentrated nitric acids;
  • Benzene;
  • Calcined petroleum coke;
  • Fine of calcined petroleum coke;
  • Aviation gasoline;
  • Ammonium nitrate – fertilizer grade and technical grade;
  • Aromatic residue;
  • Anhydrous Soda.

In addition to aviation gasoline, the production of fertilizers, lubricants, dyes, detergents and pharmaceuticals, depends on the products manufactured exclusively in the Polo Cubatão.

Strategic for the resumption of growth and international reference, in basic industry, Polo adds five major sectors: petrochemical, chemical, steel, fertilizers and logistics.


Taxes collected US$ 371 million

Statements US$ 290 million;

Federal US$50 million;

Municipalities US$ 31 million.

Equivalent to:

29,907 popular houses;

690 standard schools;

641 Basic Health Units.



Source: Acontece newspaper